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Abs are made in the kitchen




It’s really helped me to make the right decisions with food intake to compliment my training. There is a great variety which encourages me to stay on track. The recipes are delicious, and wholesome. Each meal has the calorific amount per portion which is super helpful towards tracking and monitoring food intake.



This meal plan definitely helped me to keep my desired weight but lean (due to the high protein intake required). The plan is very detailed with lots of great food options for each day, states the calories for each meal and has the recipes of how to cook each one. Highly recommend!



I was sceptical about purchasing a diet plan as I had seen way too many bland looking, season-less ‘meals’ whilst scouring the internet in my past whilst looking for diet ‘inspo’. This plan is nothing like those. These meals are inventive, tasty, varied and require seasoning...they’re full of flavour.


food you actually want to eat

If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life then you will know that I love food! I've worked with Nancy @fitsoulkitchen, a nutritional therapist to create meal plans that incorporate healthy, filling and seasoned food that will compliment your workouts and help you meet your fitness goals whether that be to shred or bulk and build lean muscle. The plans also contain meals with a flair of African and Caribbean influences too- hello plantain! Food is to be enjoyed and these meal plans can be followed as part of long term, sustainable lifestyle - not a crash diet that will leave you feeling hungry and demotivated. 

How did you find your meal plan? We would love to hear your feedback!
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