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SHRED Meat/Fish Meal Plan

SHRED Meat/Fish Meal Plan


This plan includes:

  • Recommendations for 4 meals plus snacks a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout meal and snacks. We have provided average calorie counts for each meal but your personal calorie requirements may vary based on your individual goals.
  • Recipes for each meal


The SHRED meal plan is for you if:

  • Your primary goal is weight loss
  • You are looking for a sustainable approach to get the body you want
  • You are looking for guidance on nutritional meal options


Please note, this plan will not make you lose any gains you have made, providing your training remains consistent. Meal options are rich in protein. Following this plan and workouts will ensure gain maintenance.


This plan is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix


  • PDF File

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