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Our Bodied By XO gym accessories collection is perfect for supporting your workouts at the gym or enhancing your home workouts when you train with Christina via the Bodied By XO Online Gym!


Training Socks

Our Bodied By XO Anti-slip Training Socks are perfect for home or gym workouts. Super soft and breathable cotton that provide excellent support.


Resistance Bands

Our BODIED BY XO Resistance Bands are a booty building/ lower body workout essential!


Resistance bands are great for activating and isolating the muscles and building muscle strength. Bands are great to use for activation before lifting weights.


Sliding Discs


Training Gloves

Our Bodied By XO Sliders increase the intensity of any core or full body workout by encouraging you to engage your muscles to stay stabilised. 

Our sliders are versatile and can be used on multiple surfaces for a no fuss but highly effective workout!

Lift with confidence with our Bodied By XO Training Gloves. The palm of the gloves have gel dots to provide additional grip during lifting exercise and help to protect your hands from calluses!

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