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Start date:Jan. 10 2022
End date: Feb 13 2022
Deadline to submit before images: 16th Jan 2022
Deadline to submit after images: 20 Feb 2022
Goal: To get fitter, stronger and toned
Ability level: Open for all abilities
Prize: £500 for 1st place, £200 for 2nd place, £100 for 3rd place + weekly giveaways

Download your accountability sheet here:

Challenge Requirements

Entry Requirements


  • You need to send a short video of yourself turning in a circle so we can see you from all angles (video will not be used for promo purposes)

  • And take front, side and back profile pics – holding a piece of paper with the challenge start date in 1 of the photos

  • Please show your face so we can be sure it is you in both the before and after images


Email (not DM) these by the 16th Jan to with subject line: CHALLENGE BEFORE PICS



  • IN THE SAME OUTFIT You will also need to send a video of yourself turning in a circle so we can see you from all angles

  • Take front, side and back profile pics – holding a piece of paper with the challenge end date

  • Submission deadline: 20th Feb.



Please make sure your images are clear and good quality, poor images have made me discard some entries in the past as they are not comparable!

  • Photos must be taken with clear lighting

  • Clean your camera lens before taking

  • Use your self -timer if there is no one to take them for you

  • Please wear clothing that shows your body well - not high-waisted leggings

  • Use We Transfer to email files if they are too large to send as an email attachment


Using your same email address as before, email these to with subject line: CHALLENGE AFTER PICS

Other FAQ'S

How do I join?

Subscribe here to join the challenge.


How much does it cost to enter?

£15 per month which you can cancel (3 days prior to your renewal date) by emailing

Is this open worldwide?


What happens if I join after the start date?

You can join at any time of the challenge however, the end date to enter your final transformation pics will remain the same so you will have a shorter time to complete the challenge to be considered for the prize money. However, all the challenge content will remain on the private IG page so you can redo any classes in your own time. 


If you do join the challenge late, I recommend starting with the current timetable as opposed to starting right from the beginning, but it is totally up to you!

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen based on the best before vs after pictures. Secondary considerations are your consistency which I can see by your tagged IG stories post workout and your weekly accountability sheets.


How do I get a personalised meal plan?

Click the link here to purchase your meal plan and fill out the form. Depending on demand, it can take up to 24 hours to create your personalised so I recommend purchasing it in advance of the challenge so you can do your weekly food shop before we start. There will be a discount for all Bodied By XO Online Gym members so keep an eye out for this on the IG page!


How do I work out how much to eat according to my goals? 

Please read this blog post here  'How to workout how many calories to consume for your goals' which explains how to work this out. If you purchase a personalised meal plan, this is worked out for you and all your meal options are calculated according to your goals. We do the hard work for you!


I can see that we are encouraged to tag @xtinaokenla and @bodiedbyxo_onlinegym in our post workout pics but I am shy!

You don’t have to do this, however this is the only way that I can see how you are getting on and it is a great way to hold yourself accountable and motivate others! It doesn’t have to be a selfie, it can be a picture of your workout equipment or a pic of the class from your phone screen, be creative. 


I have an injury, can I still join?

Yes, you can but this will be at your own risk. Please be sensible and avoid any exercises that aggravate your injury. I provide modifications for a lot of exercises, but it is advised you consult with a professional before committing. 

4-5 workouts a week 

These can be any workouts that you choose, sometimes, there will be 2 workouts a day on the timetable, you do not have to complete them both. 

Each day will focus on a specific body area. 

Eat according to your goals

In this challenge, choose your own goal. 

Weight loss= calorie deficit

Weight gain = calorie surplus

Weight maintenance = calorie maintenance 

If you purchase a personalised meal plan, I will create a plan tailored to your goals. Otherwise, click here to work out your calorie needs.

Aim for 2.5 litres of water per day

This includes water, fruit juice and coffee. Does not include shakes, alcohol or soft drinks.

Accountability sheet 

Keep on track by filling out your weekly accountability sheet. You can download a printable version here . You can take a picture and send to me by DM/ tag in IG stories if you like. 

7k steps per day 

Getting enough daily steps will help with your cardiovascular health and also help you to get some fresh air, especially if you are working form home. If you don't have a tracker to track your steps, then aim for a 20 min walk each day/ dancing /15 mins of skipping. 

Focus on a new habit at least 1 day a week 

Choose a new habit to focus on for this challenge and aim to practise this new habit at least once a week throughout the challenge. It could be reading a book or meditation, or no social media on Sundays. You decide!