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For any queries, email us:

1. How do I join the IG Lives Membership?

To join the membership, first enter your Instagram name and email address on the IG Lives Membership page. Then make the £15 payment (also found on the IG Lives Membership page). After submitting your Instagram name, email address and making the £15 payment, please follow the IG Lives Membership Instagram page - @bodiedbyxo_membership. A confirmation email will also be sent out confirming that you have paid and how to join the IG Lives Instagram page.

2. How long after payment will I be accepted into the private IG Lives Instagram page?

You will be accepted onto the private page and be able to view all of the previous and upcoming IG Live sessions within 1 hour of making payment AND following the @bodiedbyxo_membership page. If you do not follow the IG account soon after signing up, this could delay your admission to the group. 

3. How long does my membership last for?

Your membership lasts for 1 calendar month and works on a rolling basis until cancelled. The date you sign up will be the date that the monthly payments will be debited.

4. How do I cancel my IG Lives Membership?


To cancel your membership, please notify us via email at at least 3 days prior to your next recrurring payment date.

5. What is the refund policy?

We are unable to offer refunds for the IG Lives Membership Plan however you are able to cancel your plan and will not be charged for subsequent months following your current month's membership.

We are also unable to offer refunds or exchanges for all meal plans.

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